What is the best persian dating site ?

There are a lot of persian dating sites on the market. But which one is the best? Let’s compare the difference between PersianMatches and other online dating sites for Persians out there regarding platform usability, features, functionality, data privacy and free memberships.

Is PersianMatches more user-friendly than other persian dating sites?

PersianMatches - the best free Persian Dating Site

The answer on this question gets very clear if you google for “persian dating”. On the first Google page you will find a bunch of Persian dating sites. As soon as you have checked most of them, you will quickly figure out that almost all of them are lacking website usability heavily. Furthermore, most of them are not even mobile-friendly built or the technical environment of the site is very poor with long loading time. In contrast to other Persian dating sites, the PersianMatches team invested a lot of time to offer its members the best website experience. We can proudly say that PersianMatches is fast loading, logically structured and easy to use on all devices.


What about data protection and privacy on PersianMatches?

Every dating site needs to assure the best data protection and privacy rules to its members. This is the most important issue when dealing and managing profile and personal data.
PersianMatches is hosted on German server environment and thus abiding the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All data on our webiste is absoluetly safe!

All members of PersianMatches will stay anonymous as well. And here is one of the crucial points when it comes to the big difference of PersianMatches to other Persian dating sites:
Unlike other Persian dating sites our member profiles will never ever be displayed publicly in any search results or elsewhere. Imagine that you register on a Persian Dating site and your profile can be searched on Google. You don’t believe us? Just google for “public profiles” and include the name of a Persian dating site in your search term. How other Persian Dating sites are dealing with user privacy is irresponsible!

On persianmatches.com you can’t find any featured profiles on public pages. You can’t even search for profiles when you are not registered. This is because we absolutely respect the privacy of our members.


How is PersianMatches dealing with fake profiles?

Testimonials say thank you to PersianMatches - the best free Persian Dating SiteFirst, it should be said that most of the Persian dating sites are riddled with fake profiles which they have partially produced by themselves. It is absolutely embarassing when you are checking a Persian dating site and figure out that the majority of the members is from all kind of ethnics and races except for Persian heritage. PersianMatches has set itself the goal of promoting encounters and relationships between Iranians and Persian interested people. That’s why we as Iranians have invested so much love into our dating site that you can really feel. Real members with real social backgrounds and real intentions to find their Persian soulmate – this is what makes PersianMatches an original Persian dating site without tricking anyone. Our systems are checking new profiles regularly. If we find registered profiles that are fake we delete and ban them from PersianMatches immediately!


What about features and functionality?

Mobile-friendly Persian Dating Site - PersianMatches

Keep it short and simple and clean! This is the credo of PersianMatches that is also reflected in the functionality of our dating site. Key functionalities like profile creation, advanced search and instant messaging are working like a charm. Furthermore, all features are easy to use and no one needs to despair because of any technical issues. In regards to mobile-friendliness our dating website can easily compete with any Persian dating app on the market. So why installing a dating app on your phone if you can just use the fast mobile version of PersianMatches on any device? By the way, don’t forget to check the reviews of the numerous Iranian Dating apps before downloading. If you read the reviews carefully, you will realize very quickly that none of the Persian dating apps is worth the price that you have to pay in the app store.


Why is PersianMatches for free?

PersianMatches has a clear vision: Make online dating free and easy for Iranians. This is another crucial point what makes the difference to other Persian dating websites. There are many Persians out there who search for love using social media channels or chat sites, pay for expensive dating sites or Iranian personals without any real Iranian background. PersianMatches is the only free Persian dating site on the market worldwide! Of course, we need to cover our expenses and that’s why we place advertisement. But don’t worry, the ads are really few on the whole website and not disturbing anyone. Other Persian dating sites will force you paying for months before you can contact any members. In addition, you will be invaded by advertisement on the screen that prevents you from using the website properly. To offer a free and easy platform for Persians to find their soulmate without charging any fees motivated us to start our dating site some years ago.

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