What is PersianMatches ?

PersianMatches is an Iranian dating site for people looking for a relationship or friendship with a Persian-speaking or Iranian cultural background. PersianMatches has set itself the goal of promoting encounters and relationships between Iranians and Persian interested people. Helping people to find their soulmate is one of our greatest motivations.

You are not interested in dating? You can also look for a travel partner or find a good friend with the same cultural background. We are the Persian Online Community for Iranians worldwide.

Can I use PersianMatches for free?
Yes, you can use PersianMatches completely for free. PersianMatches is financed by advertising and is completely free for all users. Please note that you need to deactivate your Adblocker or tool that blocks our advertisement on PersianMatches. Just put persianmatches.com to the whitelist of your adblocker.
Why can't I use the search form as a guest without logging in?
In order to respect the privacy of our members the search form can only be used by registered members.
Can I change my username later?
No, changing the username is not possible, unfortunately.
How can I restrict who is allowed to see my pictures or profile?
In your member area under “Privacy” you can restrict the viewing rights accordingly.
Can I deactivate my profile?
Yes, you can temporarily deactivate your profile in your member area under “Privacy” by clicking on the “Deactivate” button. You can reactivate your profile whenever you want.
How can I delete my profile?
You can request the deletion of your profile here. Please fill in your username and email and state a reason for the cancellation of your account. PersianMatches will check your deletion inquiry and delete all your data completely within 48 hours. A deletion can not be undone afterwards.
How can I check if my sent message was read by the recipient?
In the message box you will be notified if the receiver haven’t seen your message yet.
How can I block or report a member?

If you do not want to be contacted by a special member, you can block the corresponding profile. Just open the message box with the corresponding member that you want to block and click on the “Ignore” button. Then, the member will be blacklistet and can no longer contact you. All members that you block can be found in your member area under “My messages” ->”Blacklist”. There you can unblock the member if needed.

If a member has harassed you directly or has intentionally violated our terms and conditions, you can report the member to PersianMatches by sending a request to our support team. Please mention the corresponding profile name and describe exactly what happened. We will check your report and exclude the member from PersianMatches if necessary.

How can I change my password or email address?
In your member area under “Settings” you can change your email address. Under “Privacy” you can change your password.
How do I upload more pictures?
In the members area under “Photos” you can upload all your pictures. You can set one image as default image that will be used as your main profile picture. You can upload up to 4 pictures. Your images must not exceed 5 MB in size. Only the image formats .jpg .png .gif are allowed.
Why was my profile picture rejected by PersianMatches?
PersianMatches is a dating portal that consists of real persons. We want to provide our members the best dating experience with personal profiles of real people interested in dating. Therefore, according to our terms and condtions 7.7 d) the main profile picture needs to show the member (registered user). Thus, we make sure that you will find real profile members instead of landscapes or similar.
Why aren't all countries visible in the search form?
In order to simplify the search process countries without any profiles won’t be displayed in the search form
What can I do if I have special questions?
You can contact our support team at any time.